Electronic Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations

By the year 2030, over 56 million Electric Vehicles (EV) will be on our roads. The introduction of these vehicles will require the need for hundreds of thousands of EV Chargers to be installed and used on a daily basis. This will force our society to re-evaluate how we monitor and manage the electrical demands of our vehicles and our buildings. Beyond only fuel savings, converting your corporate fleet to electric vehicles will allow you to take advantage of tax credits associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of $2,500 to $7,500 per vehicle (depending on the size of the battery). Many states offer additional tax credits for the installation of the chargers themselves as well. With charging stations ranging from 12 hours to as little as 30 minutes for a full charge, finding the right solution for your business is critical to remaining ahead of the competition in this rapidly growing field.

Primary Offerings

Innovation Energy has established a partnership with Delta Electronics, a world leader in EV charging with proven facilities all around the world. Delta EV Solutions make it easy to add electric vehicle charging to your facility by integrating all of the essential elements together into one easy to install device. You can choose to add chargers to your building design independently, or incorporate them into your existing building automation system through Delta Controls enteliWEB software. Common applications include:


Building management systems and EV charger networks can work together to give energy managers, facility operators, and business owners the clarity you need to make smart decisions and run your building more efficiently. Centralizing your EV charger control with enteliWEB will allow you to monitor EV charger status, usage, and electrical consumption. enteliWEB provides building management and EV charging in one system.


AC Mini

9.6 kW – Single Phase – 12-hour charge 

Delta AC Mini is a 240V/40A level 2 EVSE with advanced communication functions. The UL certified charger supports dynamic current adjustment for demand response with Wifi. Thanks to its compact size and unique wiring compartment design, the installation-friendly charger is an ideal choice for both private and public use.


DC Wallbox

25 kW Single/Three Phase – 4-hour charge

DC Wallbox EV charger has an output power up to 25kW and 94% efficiency with CCS and/or CHAdeMO standard output. Wallbox design and pluggable power modules facilitate easy and cost-saving installation. Its communication functions and RFID user authentication can support both public and private charging applications for different locations.


DC Fast Charger

50 kW Three Phase –30-min charge

Delta EV Dual Quick Charger has an output power up to 50kW and 94% efficiency with SAE DC and/or CHAdeMO standard output. Featuring dual charging ports and IP55 protection with an IK10 vandal-proof casing, the Dual Quick Charger is easy to install and provides fast and efficient charging in as little as 30 minutes for multiple applications. Its communication functions and RFID user authentication can support both public and private charging applications for different locations.