Building Analytics

Have you ever wondered what your building was thinking? For the first time, building analytics software gives you that chance. For a minimal upfront investment and subscription costs, analytical software lives on the cloud and provides a one-stop solution for energy savings, real-time data reporting, managed alerts, rules-based analytics (some systems), predictive maintenance, and machine learning. Through integration with your existing Building Management System (BMS) or as a standalone system utilizing its own sensors, building analytics provides quick payback opportunities by providing immediate insight into how and where your building is using its energy, potential points of failure that your maintenance team can pinpoint and repair quickly, and suggested solutions for operating your equipment as efficiently as possible based on power requirements and electricity costs. 

Whether your building is looking to improve or maintain an Energy Star or LEED rating or if you are just looking to reduce energy and maintenance costs, building analytics are a powerful tool to put in the hands of your building management. And with a digital presence ranging from remote desktops to tablets and cell phones, for the first time, you truly can.

Primary Offerings

As buildings have grown in complexity and the Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to truly connect everything from parking lot lighting to air handling systems to the cloud, multiple building analytics firms have emerged with expertise in different fields. Innovation Energy is proud to partner with multiple different leaders in the field and will step you through which solution is right for you.

MACH Energy is software for modern energy management. They’re unique analytics and powerful reporting tools save you time and increase your building’s value. They’re intuitive system allows you to address costly operational issues with MACH Energy’s Initiatives, configure dashboards to quickly view what matters most to you, and monitor your portfolio’s performance through monitoring of 200+ metrics. With customers including CBRE, UBS, and Cushman & Wakefield, MACH Energy products are already proving themselves around the world and are ready to provide an immediate upgrade to your facility, no matter the size.

For more than 30 years CopperTree’s parent companies Delta Controls, one of the largest independent Building Automation System (BMS) manufacturers and ESC, one of North America’s largest building system integrators, have been at the forefront of creating smart buildings. CopperTree provides a range of products which work together to provide an ͞always on͟ Software as a Service solution. Giving you energy and building management tools to help you realize the potential of your building. Through they’re Three Step Method of Acquire, Analyze, and Advise, they can provide a seamless solution to put you in full charge of the efficiency of your building, allowing you to save money, lessen environmental impact and improve tenant satisfaction, in real time. With an established network of expert BAS integrators, CopperTree can help you act on their insights to ensure your building is always working perfectly.

As building sizes and needs vary across portfolios and industries, Datakwip’s goal is to centralize and activate information through analytics to save you time, energy, and money. They’re software aggregates your facilities’ data – providing you with the information you need to make the right decision at the right time. Datakwip’s Analytics Platform inputs any and all data from your existing systems including BMS or sensors and establishes a secure connection to their database. Data Enrichment converts your static data into actional information that is used by the Real-time Machine Learning Pipeline, Real-time Rules Engine, and real-time Alerting Engine to deliver the optimum solution. Beyond providing only immediate information, your data will be securely stored in the Datakwip Data Lake in a completely searchable database that will provide all the information you need today as well as answer any questions you may have in the future.

Building Analytics from Schneider Electric allows you to do more than identify facility issues. You can now pinpoint which systems and equipment have irregularities, with prioritization based on energy cost, severity, and comfort impact. They’re cloud-based automated diagnostics use artificial intelligence to not only identify problem conditions, but also guide resolution through suggested actions. This actionable information allows you to better organize internal and contract resources for quicker, more efficient repairs and commissioning services. Building Analytics from Schneider Controls is about building confidence. It gives you the ability to optimize your operations by making fact-based improvements that are proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life, and improve tenant comfort, making a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line.