Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

By the year 2030, over 56 million Electric Vehicles (EV) will be on our roads. The introduction of these vehicles will require the need for hundreds of thousands of EV Chargers to be installed and used on a daily basis. This will force our society to re-evaluate how we monitor and manage the electrical demands of our vehicles and our buildings. Beyond only fuel savings, converting your corporate fleet to electric vehicles will allow you to take advantage of tax credits associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of $2,500 to $7,500 per vehicle (depending on the size of the battery). Many states offer additional tax credits for the installation of the chargers themselves as well. With charging stations ranging from 12 hours to as little as 30 minutes for a full charge, finding the right solution for your business is critical to remaining ahead of the competition in this rapidly growing field.

Primary Offerings

Innovation Energy has established a partnership with ChargePoint, the industry leader with over 7,000 customers and over 57,000 charging spots, including nearly 1,000 of the new DC fast spots. With the largest market share by far in the United States and support services that include 24/7 driver support with centralized station monitoring, remote diagnosis, and repair and upgrade services for the stations onsite, ChargePoint offers an unmatched customer experience. ChargePoint’s success lies in its Ecosystem design, seamlessly connecting drivers, station owners, charging stations, and customer service through a network of cloud-based solutions and apps. This enables them to work in all markets from single family homes to mixed use commercial and even corporate fleet and airport applications. Their diverse offerings include:

Single Family, Commercial, and Fleet Charging Stations

Operations Dashboard and Apps

Once your stations are installed, you will be provided with access to ChargePoint’s dashboard allowing instant access to how your assets are performing. Intuitive reports and analytics aid in measuring your station’s success and innovative smart features including Waitlist, Valet, and other power and energy management options provide you and your customers the tools you need to operate your assets as efficiently as possible.

CPF25 – Designed for Fleet, MF, and Airport Applications

7.7 kW, 32 amp
Up to 25 RPH (miles of range per hour charging)

The CPF25 features multiple mounting options for easy install and optional Clean Cord Technology – a self-retracting, lightweight cord management system. The system is both EnergyStar rated for energy efficiency and supports SW enabled Power Management. Cell connectivity and access control, real time charging status, and fleet integration provide a robust solution for fleet and multifamily applications.

CT4000 – Flagship Commercial Product

7.2 kW, 30 Amp
Up to 25 RPH (miles of range per hour charging)

The CT4000 is ChargePoint’s flagship commercial product and in addition to multiple mounting options, Clean Cord Technology (self-retracting, lightweight cord management system), and supporting SW enabled Power Management, it features multiple improvements to the driver and host experience. These include a full color LCD display for user interaction and feedback, supports Waitlist, Real Time Charging Status, Video ads, and Locking Holsters. Authentication and payment options include RFID, NFC, phone call, web, mobile app, and tap to charge (for Apple and Android devices).

CPE 250 – DC Fast Charger

62.5 kW, 100 amp

In addition to the above features for the CT4000, the CPE 250 includes not only industry leading charging station speed (with even faster speeds coming in late 2019 with the arrival of the Express Plus 400kW Ultra-fast DC Charger) but also 3 factor installed charging cables and support for all industry standard connectors. Exceptionally easy to use, the CPE 250 uses LEDs for driver notifications, an LCD touchscreen for driver interaction, and swing arms for easy cable management when charging multiple vehicles. DC Fast chargers are ideal for light duty commercial fleets that require fast turnaround time for vehicles, high end destinations including hotels and retail, and workspaces.