Smart Outlets & Powerstrips

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) concluded that the average office building can save 18% of its whole building energy use through smart technologies according to a recent report. While energy efficient HVAC systems and LED lighting with smart lighting controls (daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, etc.) drive the bulk of these energy savings, more than 30% of an office building’s electricity cost is from all the electronics plugged in and simply unplugging them when not in use can save 50% of that. Smart outlets and powerstrips are a very cost-effective way to manage plug load and avoid the drain of vampire energy (the energy your office equipment uses just by being plugged in). Internet-enabled electrical powerstrips allow you to turn devices on and off remotely from anywhere, monitor daily plug loads, and set timers to deenergize certain outlets at the end of the day while leaving critical components such as data servers running. With vampire energy accounting for more than $3 billion a year in lost energy costs in the United States alone, smart powerstrips offer a quick and easy way to get the vampire out of your business.

Primary Offerings

Innovation Energy is partnering with GOEFER, a leader in plug load management to deliver a product far beyond a simple powerstrip. The GOEFER strip hardware provides 6 ports and 3 USB charging ports to provide ample power to your electrical devices and communicates wirelessly only with the GOEFER Gateway, making installation and updating the plugs’ powered on and off times quick and seamless. Because the strips operate on a private mesh network, this removes the need to provision many IoT devices onto your existing network infrastructure, allowing the GOEFER system to operate securely in complete isolation from the rest of your system. The GEM system operates in the background as a backend cloud service, capturing and making sense of all the data received from the powerstrips through the GOEFER Gateway, and finally providing the operator a full picture of your organization’s power use through a customizable and intuitive dashboard interface.

GOEFER Advanced Powerstrip

The GOEFER Advanced Powerstrip provides immediate savings by allowing you to turn off power to selected outlets when the building is not in use. Simply plug your devices into the strip and control the power through your app or a desktop dashboard. Worried about unplugging your computer at night and missing out on updates? The GOEFER Powerstrip allows you to only deenergize the plugs you want to, providing a customized plugload management solution for every workstation.


The GOEFER Portal provides a wealth of information on your business’s energy use in near real time, sorted not only by workstation, but by individual plugs as well. What if IT needed to do a tech refresh and wanted to know how efficient the different types of computers in the office were? What if management wanted to know how often employees are at their desk? What if procurement wanted to know how often printers we’re being used. What if facilities wanted to know how much money employee space heaters we’re costing?
The GOEFER Portal can answer these questions and more!